Providing excellent clinical care, as Sir William Osler would have valued, is ultimately about understanding and addressing effectively the human dramas of personal predicaments (including those experienced by healthcare providers). In this essay, we argue that, without sacrificing the teaching of any of the best of current biomedical science to…

In Medicine people tend to use the language of war. Someone “battles” a disease. Health workers “fight” at the “frontlines”. When the pandemic started and we witnessed the massive spread in Italy, “triage” protocols were developed and discussed quickly around the world. This process was first developed on the battlefield…

Basta uma faísca e a mata queima feito paixão

Dias de fogo que devoram, alastram e destroem

na promessa de terras amplas e riquezas infinitas

Quanto maior o fogo, mais intensa a paixão

A medida do amor é invisível

Igual floresta densa, parece impenetrável

Quem entra, faz sua própria trilha tortuosa

Rica em luzes e sombras, cores e sons

A floresta cresce, renasce e gera vida

A paixão – depois que o fogo apaga

Só deixa deserto, tristeza e solidão.

Some time ago, then 4 year old Mario was referred due to delays and behavior problems. He presented with a history of developing slowly and when I saw him, he was very difficult to be understood, had some drooling, struggled with drawing simple shapes and and would get easily upset…

Dr. Olaf

Developmental Pediatrician Olaf Kraus de Camargo tweets about #SpecialNeeds and #Disabilities - views are my own, not my employer's —

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